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For your customers

Meat.The End: a solution.

Large portions of Europeans and North Americans are actively reducing their meat consumption. Most still enjoy meat occasionally, but they want to lessen their intake for health and ethical reasons.​

Plant-based meat is considered an ideal alternative to lessen dietary intake of meat. But new products marketed to substitute for meat are struggling to gain widespread consumer traction. In particular, consumers cite texture as a primary reason they don't choose plant-based substitutes.

100% improvement.

Rich, firm, juicily meat-like. That’s how tasters describe our 100% plant-based Spindle Technique™ textured protein burger. It's so good that 4 out of 5 people picked it in a blind tasting compared to the market leader.


It's really meaty. 

Our taste testers all wanted to come back for another bite.

Give your customers the chance to taste the change.