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White label plant-based burger production

  • Meat.The End technology and formula

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Satisfy the demand for meaty texture and appearance.


Meat.The End’s research works to solve the texture barrier in plant-based meat substitutes. Our techniques improve traditional plant ingredients and processes to transform the texture of meat analogues. The result is a more satisfying substitute for meat that can appeal to billions of consumers.


Our scientists set themselves the challenge of creating real meat texture in a plant-based burger. Spindle Technique™, our new approach to produce texturized vegetable protein, adds a pre-treatment step to texturize plant proteins before extruding them using our patented method.


Our burger

Our chef's process is made to respect the ingredients' specific structural properties. First, we blend hydrated, textured proteins from soybeans with spices, vegetable-based colour extracts, flavours and binders to shape our meat-like base. Then we add plant fats for taste and juicy mouth-feel to form the patty.


Meat.The End's patty is delicious either pan-fried or flame-grilled.