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Meet: the team

Meat.The End connects industry-leading food engineers,
biochemical researchers and entrepreneurs

Our world-class team of food industry experts has centuries of combined experience in designing, managing and executing research and development in plant-based food and consumables. With diverse backgrounds from companies as wideranging as Nestlé, Osem, Strauss, Solbar, and more, as well as in product development, ingredient policy and food science, we’re the most professional team in the business. 


We turn great R&D into mass production.

Dr Yishai Mishor

Dr Yishai Mishor


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Moshe Isarowitch

VP Technical

Dr Florian Wild

Dr Florian Wild


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Sapir Matlaw

Research Assistant 

Moshe Juki Nesher

Moshe Juki Nesher


David Bensal

David Bensal

Yochanan Gerber

Yochanan Gerber

Development Chef

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Dr Ido Rosenbaum

VP Research & Development

Gabrielle Dyson

Gabrielle Dyson

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Caio Malufe


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Ruthie Amano


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Shay Lavi


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