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MTE: Accelerating the world's transition to alternative meat

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is the most significant consumer satisfaction challenge for currently available meat-alternative products.


2 in 3

#1 Factor

#1 Reason

Consumers globally identify as omnivores

for purchase decision for 70% of US consumers & 60% of EU consumers

for consumers not to purchase plant-based products regularly

MTE revolutionizes food production to create desired textures and provides a solution for food companies, by developing novel ingredients and technological solutions that enhance the texture properties of alternative protein products.


The multidisciplinary approach generates the ability to modify texture and customize the formulation and characteristics of end products based on customers’ desire for meaty texture and appearance.

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Our R&D

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Our Products

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The EIT Food Accelarator Network selected

Meat.The End as one of 2020's most promising agri-food startups

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