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Our Technology

Putting the Tech in Texture

MTE combines deep experience in extrusion with protein science, data science and food engineering. The technology we develop controls and modifies protein texture for the meat analogue industry.


This next-generation technology allows us to re-invent protein ingredients through optimization processes and generate texture that achieves what the food-industry needs.

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Extrusion is the primary technology that serves the alternative meat industry today at mass-scale. Extruders transform diverse raw materials into a variety of final products using heat, pressure, and shear forces, producing fibrous, elastic textures that resample the mouthfeel and chew of meat.





MTE’s research works to solve the texture barrier in meat substitutes. Using the Spindle Technique™️, we incorporate a unique pre-treatment step prior to extrusion to produce texturized protein ingredient (TPI).

The result is a cost-effective solution for businesses which seek to significantly upgrade the texture of their meat alternatives and satisfy global consumer demand.

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