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About Us

REVOLUTIONISE. MTE is an Israeli food-tech company developing protein ingredients that revolutionise the food industry, by enhancing and perfectly mimicking the texture of meat.


LEAD. The company was founded in 2020 by the highest ranking technologists in Israel’s food industry. Joined by world-class data scientists, protein engineers, and mechanical engineers, MTE focuses on extrusion processes, introducing industry-oriented solutions into food mass production. 


GROW. Consumers aren’t satisfied with today’s widespread options for meat alternatives. They crave something closer to meat in terms of texture.  In blind taste tests, products based on MTE’s technology and ingredients beat market leaders. MTE is a solution for businesses looking to increase consumer satisfaction and grow in organic retail sales by offering meaty texture indistinguishable from the real thing.

Meet: The Team

MTE connects industry-leading multidisciplinary experts - food engineers, biochemical researchers, product developers and entrepeneurs - turning R&D into mass production.


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Dr. Yishai Mishor

Dr. Yishai Mishor is MTE's founder. Prior to MTE, Yishai was founder and CEO of Ein Hamishpat, a legal-tech start-up.


His 20-year career spans law, business, academia and politics, including serving as Chief of Staff to the President of Israel. Yishai holds a PhD in Law from the University of Oxford and was a professor at Oxford.

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VP of Technical Process & Technology

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Moshe Isarowitch

Moshe Iserowich, VP of Technical Process & Technology

Moshe Iserowich has rich experience in food extrusion and die design, having previously worked as Chief Mechanical Engineer at Unilever Israel. Moshe is the owner of several registered patents in the field of food extrusion.

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Shlomo Ben Shimol

Shlomo Benshimol brings extensive experience in accounting, budgeting, and financial management for multinational companies.

Shlomo is also a certified public accountant in Israel and was the Chief Internal Auditor for Checkpoint, an Israeli tech giant, Strauss Group, Israel’s second-largest food company, and Bank Mizrahi. He was previously a Deloitte partner.

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Senior Adviser


Pini Kamari

Pini Kamari brings decades of experience in the food industry, including serving as CEO of Zoglobak, one of Israel’s largest meat processors and Deputy CEO of Strauss Group.


He brings extensive expertise in food production, food distribution and food innovation.

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Dr. Anna Vitlin Gruber

Dr. Anna Vitlin Gruber has 16 years of hands-on experience in protein biochemistry, molecular biology, and plant development,


having held research and teaching positions at Tel Aviv University and UCLA. Anna holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Tel Aviv University.

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Dr. Florian Wild

Dr Florian Wild is a world-leading extrusion expert in MTE’s European R&D department.

He has previously led dozens of R&D projects focusing on plant protein processing for premium meat and dairy alternatives, and was Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Florian holds a PhD from Technische Universität Berlin.

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Chief Food Engineer


Yochanan Gerber

Yochanan Gerber is a meat analogue specialist. With experience in food-tech start-ups and consultation for academic bodies, Yochanan teaches Food Product Development at the Tel Hai Academic College and is the academy’s chef.

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Scientific Adviser

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Prof. Anwesha Sarkar

Professor Anwesha Sarkar is the Director of Research and Innovation and the Chair of Colloids and Surfaces at the University of Leeds. Her research focuses on the tribological properties of soft surfaces for applications in food, healthcare and allied soft materials focusing on novel plant-based sustainable biomaterials. She is the co-inventor of 6 patents.

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Moshe Juki Nesher

Moshe (Juky) Nesher brings extensive expertise in global development, production, purchasing and marketing of plant-based food products.

Moshe’s previous experience includes Chief Technologist for Nestle Israel, Chief Technologist for Tivall Food Industries and Head of Procurement for Osem-Nestle Group in Israel.

    Data Science Advisor

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    Dr. Nico Kist

    Dr. Nico Kist is a computational biologist and founder of He has over ten years' experience researching and consulting, applying that expertise to problems in cellular agriculture and plant-based meats. Dr. Kist holds a DPhil in Computational Biology from the University of Oxford. 

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    Head of Operations


    Sigal Spirman

    Sigal Spirman has over 10 years’ experience managing operations, working as a policy advisor for a governmental minister, parliament members and NGOs.

    Sigal holds an MA in Human Rights from University College London.

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    David Bensal

    David Bensal brings rich experience as Chief Technologist and Operation Manager at some of the leading companies in the Israeli food and oil industry, including working as Chief Technologist at Strauss Coffee, the 5th largest coffee company in the word.

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    VP, R&D


    Dr. Ido Rosenbaum

    Dr. Ido Rosenbaum is an expert in food chemistry and application development, and previously led scientific research at an Israeli food-tech start-up. Ido Rosenbaum holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Tel Aviv University.

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    Computational Biology Researcher


    Francisco Conti

    Francisco Conti has over 5 years of experience working in life science production and research positions in the pharmaceutical and food industries. He holds a MSc in chemistry from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.

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    Head Of Strategy

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    Caio Malufe

    Caio Malufe is the founder of Be Plant Advisory and has worked globally consulting for private equity bodies and start-ups in the food and agriculture sectors.

    He worked as an M&A and strategy senior manager at Cargill and in addition, brings experience from Blackstone and Orbillion. He holds a BBA in Corporate Finance & Financial Markets.

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