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Our Products

Don’t Just Settle for Meat Substitutes; Choose Them

Through a first-of-its-kind AI-powered extrusion solution, our team has modified, enhanced, and produced a set of premix solutions to overcome the most pressing consumer barrier – texture - and offer an authentic meat-like mouthfeel. Our ready-to-produce dry mix is a supreme turnkey solution for any company that aspires to penetrate the plant-based food market, allowing food manufacturers, retailers, and quick-service restaurants to mimic a wide range of meat alternative applications, from a variety of protein sources, at a mass scale.

Meat.The End’s applications can be produced from

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and the list continues to grow!


Our expertise does not end with producing the best TPI. We offer TPI in combination with the perfect binding & flavor system to create winning formulas.


We offer food manufacturers, retailers, and quick service restaurants fully customizable ingredients that can guarantee the mass production of any desirable meat alternative analogue from a wide range of protein sources.


These can either be in the form of an intuitive, easy-to-use premix with our proprietary recipe for the manufacturer to produce in their own facility, or in the form of a distribution-ready plant-based meat & fish alternative.

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Taste Superiority

From meaty texture to overall flavor, blind sensory panels comparing Meat.The End’s meat alternatives to the global market leaders have demonstrated Meat.The End's superiority in all parameters.

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